Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Motor for Mill

Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Motor for Mill

Product Description:
            TYM collection minimal-speed and substantial-torque long lasting magnet immediate-generate synchronous motor is a new variety of long term magnet direct-drive synchronous motor produced by our business for the market place desire of minimal-speed and heavy-responsibility gear. The rotor utilizes everlasting magnet excitation to understand power transmission of lower-velocity and large-torque. The motor is controlled by frequency converter. In the application of mill, the reducer is taken out. Direct generate modest equipment. It has the advantages of compact construction, higher beginning torque, substantial efficiency, secure procedure, large trustworthiness, minimal sound and convenient installation, and fundamentally realizes routine maintenance-free. The change of transmission method, the removal of reducer, simplifies the transmission chain of mill, minimizes the upkeep price of reducer, removes the intermediate hyperlink, and enhances the overall transmission of mill. Efficiency.

          This sequence of permanent magnet motors are magnetized by long term magnet resources. In contrast with standard existing-excited motors, the electrical power issue is substantially elevated, the stator present and stator resistance losses are lowered, and the rotor copper reduction is not identified in steady procedure. Substantial effectiveness and power element can be preserved in the rated load range of 25%-120%. The power saving impact of light load operation is more considerable. Compared with the attributes of effectiveness, electrical power factor and load ratio of long term magnet motor and asynchronous motor, they have clear advantages.

         TPYM sequence reduced-pace, high-torque long lasting magnet direct drive frequency conversion motors are utilized in all electrical power transmission equipment which require to offer low-velocity, higher-torque and substantial-electrical power in the industrial discipline, particularly in the grinding machinery gear of our nation. Based mostly on the exclusive electromagnetic attributes and vector manage approach of everlasting magnet motor, the qualities of energy source and the program cost ratio, a established of push and manage method options are designed to improve the motor design, minimize the content price and reduce the power decline. Generate remarkable economic benefits. Remove the mechanical deceleration device, drastically minimize the maintenance workload of gear, at the identical time enhance the trustworthiness and sustainability of motor operation from the layout, minimize the servicing expense following placing into procedure.

Item Identify Permanent magnet immediate drive motor for mill
Motor Kind DC Motor,ACMotor,Stepper Motor,Asynchronous Motor ,Synchronous Motor
(CZPT machinery)
collection TPYM collection
one, straightforward framework, little volume, light bodyweight, stable and dependable operation.
2. The large electrical power aspect and higher effectiveness of the motor need to be preserved in the rated range of twenty%-a hundred and twenty%. No electricity compensator is necessary.
3. Frequency conversion management can comprehend delicate start, delicate quit, stepless velocity regulation, no influence, and additional increase the vitality-preserving impact.
four. There are a lot of topological constructions of motors, which meet the fundamental demands of mechanical gear in a broad selection and intense conditions.
Running velocity  Constant Velocity /Minimal Velocity /Modify Pace /High Speed Other 
Primary classification DC Motor is a device that converts mechanical strength into DC energy. It is mostly employed as DC motor for DC motor, electrolysis, electroplating, smelting, charging and excitation electricity offer of alternator. Although in spots in which DC energy is needed, AC energy rectifier is also utilized to transform AC into DC electricity, but from some aspects of efficiency, AC rectifier electricity supply can not totally substitute DC generator.  
Application DC motors are extensively used in tape recorders, online video recorders, movie discs, electric powered shavers, hair dryers, electronic watches, toys and so on.
Routine maintenance technique Professional motor servicing center motor routine maintenance procedure: cleansing stator and rotor – replacing carbon brush or other components – vacuum F force dipping paint – drying – Calibration harmony.
1. Use setting ought to be always dry, motor surface area need to be retained clear, air consumption should not be hindered by dust, fibers and other obstacles.
two. When the thermal defense of the motor continues to function, it ought to be ascertained regardless of whether the fault will come from the motor or the overload or the environment price of the protective device is way too low. Right after reducing the fault, it can be put into operation.
three, make certain that the motor is nicely lubricated in the course of procedure. The common motor operates for about 5000 several hours, that is to say, lubricating grease ought to be added or replaced. When bearing overheating or lubricating deterioration is found in operation, the hydraulic strain must alter lubricating grease in time. When changing grease, the aged grease must be removed, and the oil groove of bearing and bearing go over ought to be washed with gasoline. Then ZL-3 lithium grease should be stuffed with one/two (2 poles) and two/three (4 poles, six poles and eight poles) of the cavity in between the inner and outer rings of the bearing.
4. When the existence of the bearing is more than, the vibration and sounds of the motor will enhance naturally. When the radial clearance of the bearing reaches the pursuing value, the bearing must be replaced.
five, when taking away the motor, it is Ok to get rid of the rotor from the shaft extension or the non extension finish. If it is not required to unload the enthusiast, it is far more convenient to consider out the rotor from the non-axle extension finish. When pulling out the rotor from the stator, the stator winding or insulation must be prevented from getting destroyed.
6. When changing the windings, the kind, size, turns and gauges of the authentic windings have to be recorded. When these information are dropped, they should be acquired from the company and the original designed windings need to be transformed at will, which typically deteriorates 1 or many performance of the motor or even helps make it impossible to use them.



Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Motor for Mill


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