Ncreased Safety Brushless Excitation Synchronous Motor-for Compressor and Pump Synchronous Motor Three-Phase Synchronous Motor Taw 2800-20 2800kw 10kv IP55

Ncreased Safety Brushless Excitation Synchronous Motor-for Compressor and Pump  Synchronous Motor Three-Phase Synchronous Motor Taw 2800-20 2800kw 10kv IP55

CZPTly utilised in chemical sector Elevated-Safety BRUSHLESS EXCITATION SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR
 TAW collection improved security brushless excitation synchronous motor is a substantial-tech product developed by our firm that integrates explosion-proof engineering, electrical power electronic technological innovation, automatic management technology, and motor technological innovation. It is extensively employed in locations with explosive and unsafe gasoline in petroleum, chemical, coal and other industries to drive reciprocating compressors. This sequence of motors adopts new engineering, new resources, new engineering, exquisite material assortment, and advanced producing. It has the characteristics of little measurement, mild fat, stunning visual appeal, large efficiency, minimal sounds, reduced vibration, safe and dependable operation, and convenient use and servicing.
Our firm is the initial domestic enterprise with R&D, design and style and production capabilities of this sort of items. This sequence of motors have won the Nationwide Major CZPT Equipment Accomplishment Award, the Provincial Significant Science and Technological innovation Task Award, and the explosion-proof electrical industrial solution creation license issued by the Condition Administration of Top quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.
2. Implementation standards
GB CZPTal Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmosphere Component 1: CZPT Requirements
GB3836.three-2571 CZPTal Tools for Explosive Gas Atmosphere Portion three: Elevated Basic safety “e”
GB3836.9-2006 “Explosive surroundings explosion-proof electrical products, encapsulated electrical products”
GB755-2008 Rotating Motor Score and Performance
JB/T 8973-2011 Explosion-proof complex requirements for enhanced-safety brushless excitation synchronous motors
JB/T 8974-2011 TAW collection increased basic safety brushless excitation synchronous motor specialized situations
GB 50058 Code for Layout of CZPT Energy Gear in Explosion and Hearth Dangerous Surroundings
3. Fundamental specialized parameters
Electricity assortment: 350~10000kW
Voltage: 3000, 6000, 10000V
Speed: three hundred, 333, 375r/min (other speeds can also be made as essential)
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Protection degree: IP54
Insulation class: F
Quota: S1 (work program)
Cooling strategy: IC81W, IC91W
Set up technique: IM7315, IM7311, IM7111, IM7115
Explosion-proof mark: Exe II CT2Gc, ExeII  CT3Gc
Four, complex qualities
four.1 The excitation, rectification, excitation control, de-excitation defense and other products of the synchronous motor are put in on the rotor. The rectified energy is provided by the coaxial alternator, as a result reducing the slip ring and carbon brush unit, producing the general construction compact and eliminating slippage. The spark made by the speak to between the ring and the carbon brush.
four.2 The use of new insulating components, semiconductor materials and insulation technologies, with tremendous-robust insulation withstand voltage and anti-corona capabilities.
4.three The temperature increase margin is huge. Below numerous operating situations such as commence, overload, overexcitation, underexcitation, shutdown, and many others., it can guarantee that the temperature rise of every part does not exceed eighty% of the corresponding team temperature. The motor adopts Class F insulation, and the temperature is evaluated in accordance to the temperature increase restrict of Class B insulation.
four.four The tE time benefit is extended and the commencing time is brief. To make sure the protection and dependability of the motor, the tE time price of the motor is developed to be over 9s, which is convenient for customers to modify and use.
4.5 The security system is sophisticated and comprehensive.
four.5.1 Stator windings and bearings are outfitted with temperature detection products, which can check, alarm and vacation.
four.5.two Shutdown area heater with anti-condensation impact (enhanced security airtight variety).
four.5.three There is a purge gadget interface on the motor, and a purge pipe is created within the motor to discharge the inside dangerous gasoline before the motor begins.
four.six The brushless excitation program adopts a coaxial built-in structure of rotating rectifier, rotating armature AC main exciter and synchronous motor. It has computerized de-excitation safety, automatic excitation at the greatest time of polarity, and step out of phase with load. The smart automatic management purpose of the out-of-step safety has a large degree of security and quick reaction performance. In addition, when the voltage of the electrical power offer program fluctuates instantaneously and there is an oscillation, or when the pushed mechanical tools or procedure has robust transient disturbance, the motor With automatic clever security and control purpose, the influence on the operation of the motor is significantly scaled-down than that of the classic brushed synchronous motor.

structural form
5.1 The total construction of this series of motors is a box framework, and the foundation, finish go over, bottom plate, etc. are welded by metal plates. The motor is an unbiased cavity, and the AC exciter and the rotating rectifier disc sort another unbiased cavity.
5.2 The magnetic supplies of the motor and the exciter are created of chilly-rolled silicon steel sheets with large magnetic permeability and low reduction. The damping strip and the magnetic pole core undertake a special correcting strategy to avoid commencing sparks all interior conductor connections, fasteners, supports and The screws on the rotating entire body have unfastened actions to make certain firmness and dependability, and stay away from sparks and arcs.
five.3 The stator winding adopts reliable anti-corona actions to improve the corona initiation voltage. The major motor and the AC exciter winding are taken care of with VPI as a total dipping paint, which has high electrical overall performance, mechanical power, insulation overall performance, moisture resistance and thermal steadiness.
5.four Adopt seat sort spherical sliding bearing. The bearings are insulated to prevent shaft currents new lubricating oil and thin-walled bearing alloy tiles are employed, and electromagnetic centerline indications are set.
5.five Rotating rectifier plate: The position is small on the exterior of the exciter, the electrical connectors, repairing parts and warmth sink are built-in, compact framework, reliable procedure, low failure charge, and convenient set up and servicing.
6. Circumstances of Use Voltage fluctuation: ±5%, (It can run at ±10% beneath the problem of seven.3 in GB755)
6.two Frequency fluctuation: ±2%
six.3 The altitude does not exceed 1000m.
six.four The highest ambient air temperature does not exceed +40ºC, and the least is 0ºC.
6.5 Zone 2 explosion hazard location shaped by flamable fuel or steam and air with ignition temperature team T1-T3 group.

For illustration,
           TAW 1250-16/2150
                                                     Outer diameter of stator main (Φ2150mm)
                                                     (16 poles)
                                                    Rated power (1250kW)
                                                    Increased protection brushless excitation synchronous motor
8. Buying recommendations
eight.1 Just before inserting an buy, remember to refer to the merchandise samples of this series to explain the essential item models, specs and other data.If there is any discrepancy in between the necessary technical specs and the samples, you should speak to us.
8.two When putting an buy, the sort, rated electrical power, synchronous pace, rated voltage, rated frequency, safety class, flywheel torque, rotation route and installation type of the motor shall be indicated.
8.3 The sample complex knowledge table only lists the pertinent information of motors with rated voltage of 6KV and 10KV. If the consumer requirements other voltage lessons, the company can also give the pertinent specialized knowledge when buying.
eight.4 The complex information and outline dimension in the sample will only be employed as the reference for consumer assortment, and the official data will be provided by the Firm following the agreement or specialized agreement is signed.
eight.5 If there are any other particular specifications, this kind of as the excitation management of the optional rotating everlasting magnet auxiliary exciter, you should offer the specifications and indication the related complex agreement when buying.   


Ncreased Safety Brushless Excitation Synchronous Motor-for Compressor and Pump  Synchronous Motor Three-Phase Synchronous Motor Taw 2800-20 2800kw 10kv IP55


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