St Series AC Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor AC Motor

St Series AC Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor AC Motor

Overall performance and Qualities&colon

one&periodUltra-substantial intrinsic coercivity&comma high temperature unusual earth long term magnet substance&comma strong resistance to magnetic energy&period
two&periodUsing electromagnetic layout optimization&comma aimost with the whole velocity range constant torque output&interval
three&periodSinusoidal magnet subject layout&comma smooth reduced-pace torque substantial overload functionality&time period
four&periodClass F insulation&comma IP55 safety structure&comma environmental applicability&comma risk-free and trustworthy use&period

Parameter Data &lparFrame 60-90&rpar

Body measurement 60ST-L00630A 60ST-L01330A 60ST-L01930A 80ST-L01330A 80ST-L57130A 80ST-L03330A 90ST-L57130A 90ST-L5710A 90ST-L 0571 1A
Rated Voltage&lparthree stage&rpar 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V
Rated Energy&lparkw&rpar &period2 &period4 &period6 &period4 &period75 1 &period75 &period73 one
Rated Torque&lparN&periodm&rpar &period6 one&period3 one&period9 1&period3 two&period4 3&period3 two&period4 3&period5 4
Max Torque&lparN&periodm&rpar one&period8 3&period9 5&period9 3&period9 seven&period2 9&period9 7&period2 ten&period5 12
Rated Velocity&lparr&solmin&rpar 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 2000 2500
Rated recent&lparA&rpar 1&period5 two&period8 3&period5 2&period6 four&period2 4&period5 three three four
&lparV&solKrpm&rpar 28 28 28 21&period05 22&period77 29&period27 51 sixty seven 60
&lpar&ohm&rpar eleven&period6 5&period83 three&period49 one&period858 &period901 one&period081 three&period2 4&period06 2&period69
&lparmH&rpar 22 twelve&period23 eight&period47 11&period956 six&period552 eight&period29 seven 9&period7 6&period21
LA&lparmm&rpar 106 131 154 a hundred thirty five a hundred and sixty 181 152 175 185

Parameter Info &lparFrame a hundred and ten-one hundred thirty&rpar

Frame measurement 110ST-L57130A 110ST-L04030A 110ST-L05030A 110ST-L06571A 110ST-L06030A 130ST-L 0571 1A 130ST-L 0571 1A 130ST-L06571A
Rated Voltage&lparthree phase&rpar 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V
Rated Electrical power&lparkw&rpar &period6 1&period2 one&period5 one&period2 one&period6 one 1&period3 1&period5
Rated Torque&lparN&periodm&rpar two&period00 4 five six six four 5 6
Max Torque&lparN&periodm&rpar six twelve fifteen eighteen eighteen 13 15 eighteen
Rated Pace&lparr&solmin&rpar 3000 3000 3000 2000 3000 2500 2500 2500
Rated existing&lparA&rpar four 5 6 six eight 4 five 6
&lparV&solKrpm&rpar 23&period59 33&period74 33&period84 41&period39 thirty&period54 37&period72 38&period67 37&period34
&lpar&ohm&rpar &period982 &period779 &period567 &period64 &period338 1&period108 &period867 &period605
&lparmH&rpar two&period98 3&period026 two&period316 2&period764 1&period515 three&period76 three&period124 two&period317
LA&lparmm&rpar 158 189 204 217 217 one hundred sixty five 173 183
Frame measurement 130ST-L5710A 130ST-L5715A 130ST-L5710A 130ST-L10015A 130ST-L10571A 130ST-L15015A 130ST-L15571A  
Rated Voltage&lparthree section&rpar 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V  
Rated Electrical power&lparkw&rpar 1&period6 2 2&period4 one&period5 2&period6 two&period3 three&period8  
Rated Torque&lparN&periodm&rpar seven&period70 7&period7 seven&period7 ten ten fifteen 15  
Max Torque&lparN&periodm&rpar 23&period1 23&period1 23&period1 thirty 30 forty five forty five  
Rated Velocity&lparr&solmin&rpar 2000 2500 3000 1500 2500 1500 2500  
Rated recent&lparA&rpar 6 7&period5 nine 6 ten 9&period5 seventeen  
&lparV&solKrpm&rpar 47&period59 forty&period03 32&period22 64&period89 38&period76 sixty eight&period13 34&period07  
&lpar&ohm&rpar &period66 &period454 &period282 &period801 &period262 &period458 &period102  
&lparmH&rpar 2&period83 1&period913 one&period232 3&period675 one&period258 two&period369 &period598  
LA&lparmm&rpar 197 197 197 218 218 263 263  

Parameter Information &lparFrame a hundred and fifty-a hundred and eighty&rpar

Frame measurement 150ST-L15571A 150ST-L18571A 150ST-L23571A 150ST-L27571A 180ST-L19571A 180ST-L23571A 180ST-L31018A
Rated Power&lparKW&rpar three&period8 3&period6 four&period7 5&period5 four 5 six
Rated Torque&lparN&periodm&rpar fifteen 18 23 27 19 23 31
Rated Speed&lparrpm&rpar 2500 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 1800
Rated Current&lparA&rpar 16&period5 16&period5 twenty&period5 twenty&period5 16&period8 28 22
Max Torque&lparN&periodm&rpar forty five fifty four sixty nine eighty one 57&period3 71&period6 seventy nine&period5
Voltage&lparV&rpar 220 220 220 220 220 220 220

Employing Surroundings&colon atmosphere temperature -20ºC~&plus50ºC&time period Surroundings humidity&colonRelative humidity<90&percnt&lparexcluding Frost Condition&rpar

HONG MA the 1st generation of AC servo driver&comma the use of sophisticated handle algorithm&comma using IPM &lparintelligent power module&rpar&comma braking resistor and the DC reactor terminals to accomplish the actual area of the digital manage&comma can be connected&comma USB communication interface purpose&period of time Electricity assortment is much more full&comma at the moment addresses power selection from 500W to five&period5kW&period 

Solution features&colon 
The input and output terminals&colon optical isolation&comma programmable&comma enter terminal can realize servo&comma clearing the alarm&comma torque limit and unexpected emergency end perform&comma the output terminal can realize the alarm&comma positioning and speed arrival indicator purpose&comma procedure process more standardized&time period In addition&comma the enter interface can be controlled by a switch&comma a relay and an open collector transistor&comma and the output is linked with the relay and the photoelectric coupler&comma and the use of the interface is more convenient by using the Darlington photoelectric coupler&period 

Placement manage method&colon higher speed optical isolation plus&solsignal signal&comma ccw&solcw additionally sign and A &sol B  plus section signal handle way&comma and the driving pulse receiver&comma interference can be suppressed efficiently&comma the optional instruction pulse smoothing filter&comma empower program in acceleration and deceleration procedure efficiently operating and enhance the pulse sign digital filtering and detection techniques&period

Encoder sign output&colon the encoder signal can be established in accordance to the established frequency through the frequency of the output via the line driver&interval Safety function&colon more than voltage&comma in excess of current&comma above load&comma in excess of pace and error detection mechanism&period of time

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St Series AC Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor AC Motor


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